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From concept to creation

Whether it's a mobile, web or desktop application, we solutionize your ideas into a fully functioning product.


Stages of development

The 3 main stages of
Product Development

Project Scope & Timelines

You convey your ideas or probelm which needs a solution and we do the heavy lifting. We discuss scope and timelines of the project.

Development of MVP

We develop an initial MVP that meets all requirements. From here on, the product or solution can be refined and adjusted to your liking.

Product Delivery

We assist in delivering your product to your customers. We take care of the deployment and monitoring of your product.


We stay up-to date with
the latest technologies

Looking for a particular tech stack?
Let's chat and we can most likely accommodate it


Previous Projects & Clients

Digital Vending Kiosk

We built 3 interconnected software components, which included: the ATM software, where customers can buy & sell crypto; the admin panel, where ATM owners can manage & configure their ATMs; and the backend service, which connects the two applications.

EPOS & Self Checkout

This project focused on integrated payments, self-checkout solutions and online ordering systems. We delivered a single solution that tackled all 3 aspects. Part of the solution included: an EPOS application used in-store, and Stripe's payments API for both online & in-person payments.

Data Analysis Platform

We developed a platform that is able to process & analyse data collected from various sources. The results were then securely stored and made available to a frontend web application, where data can be viewed in real-time as it is being processed.


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