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A social media app encouraging personal interactions with content creators via paid direct messages, video, and phone calls.

"Prompt" is an innovative social media app revolutionising the way followers interact with content creators. Available on both iPhone and Android platforms, this app bridges the gap between fans and their favorite influencers, celebrities, and thought leaders, moving beyond the limitations of traditional social media dynamics. In the world of "Prompt," the age-old paradigm of unidirectional communication is transformed. Followers are no longer passive spectators; they are active participants in a two-way conversation. This is achieved through a unique feature that allows users to pay for a response to their direct messages. By offering a financial incentive, followers can ensure their messages stand out and receive personal attention from the content creators they admire. The app goes beyond just text interactions. Understanding the desire for more immersive experiences, "Prompt" includes options for users to pay for video calls and phone calls with their chosen influencers. This feature not only adds a personal touch but also creates opportunities for meaningful interactions, be it for advice, inspiration, or just a casual chat. One of the critical aspects of "Prompt" is its focus on redefining the concept of parasocial relationships, prevalent in standard social media platforms. In these traditional settings, followers often feel invisible, merely serving to boost the visibility and ego of content creators. "Prompt" disrupts this one-sided dynamic by empowering followers to step into the spotlight and engage on a more personal level. This app is perfect for fans who seek genuine interactions and for influencers who wish to monetize their time and connect meaningfully with their audience. "Prompt" is not just an app; it's a movement towards a more connected and interactive social media landscape, where every follower has a voice and every message has the potential to spark a real conversation.

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